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Embracing the challenges

October 18, 2018
Sethuraman Panchanathan
Dr. Panchanathan

Contrary to pop culture belief, robots are not coming to take our jobs and negatively impact our way of life. What is happening is much more optimistic, with exciting prospects for how we will each harness and embrace the opportunities presented via symbiotic man-woman-machine relationships.Panch


As someone with a genuinely positive outlook on life and a belief in the power of human potential, Panch offers a truly unique perspective on how academia can and should approach the potential challenges associated with a rapidly changing landscape, or what we collectively know as “work.” From high-level publications, inspiring and informative keynotes and policy-shaping involvement, Panch is able to address not only the what and why, but the HOW of the ways in which humans must embrace change and develop new skills.

  • What kinds of jobs will change?
  • What professions will evolve?
  • What kinds of roles will require new education, retraining, or upskilling?
  • What can leading institutes of higher education do to ensure the development of master learners capable of keeping pace and evolving in this new world landscape of work?

Discussing the Future of Work is not simply about citing statistics or making educated estimations about industries being effected or people most at risk. It’s about taking this critical information and doing something with it to ensure we have fewer questions and hand-wringing and more concrete solutions and viable pathways forward.